Voices From Above

A Journey from Onsite to Online Interpreting

My book on video remote interpreting describes the disruptive transformation on the market of interpretation from onsite interpretation to online interpretation using the internet as a cloud application.


In this book, you will learn:

  • tips & tricks for professional interpreters
  • market insights for users of interpreting services
  • a journey from onsite to online interpretation
  • the latest on applied human interpreting technology
  • online simultaneous interpreting for professionals

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About the Author

Ceo Mastervoice nv

Certified Language Consultant

Member of the Professional Speakers' Association

Member of the Global Speakers Federation

Member of Meeting Planners International

Member of the International Advisory Council for Applied Language Technology

Author of Voices from Above: a Journey from Onsite to Online interpreting

Voices from Above

A Journey from Onsite to Online Interpreting

  • Mission, Vision and Values in Interpretation

    Business Ethics in Interpreting

    Purpose and code of conduct for interpreters

  • A Journey from Community Interpreting to Conference Interpreting

    The interpreters’ work environment

    Working conditions in interpretation

  • Conference Interpretation: the Art of Professional Communication

    The Basics of Interpretation

    The various modes of interpretation

  • Human Language Interpretation

    The Practice of Interpretation

    Interpreter Tactics and Strategies

  • Speak the Language of your Clients

    Branding for Interpreters

    How to brand yourself as an interpreter

  • Cloud Interpretation: a disruptive transformation

    Collaborative Cloud Models

    Crowdsourcing in the language industry

  • Human Language Interpreting Technology

    Online Simultaneous Interpreting

    Video Remote Interpreting Solutions

  • The Perfect Storm

    The interpreter as Entrepreneur

    Online business models for interpreters

  • Interpretation: A People Business

    The Calling of an Interpreter

    The mission of the modern interpreter

  • The Final Episode

    The Future of Interpretation

    Collaborative Cloud Models

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